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logo of the brand - iteratif

Born from the desire to have an impact on the way we conceived second hand fashion, iteratif makes the most out of anything to dress you with unique pieces, bringing along their own beautiful history



At Iteratif, we cherish the history of each piece of fabric. Besides highlighting the uniqueness of our creations, it also enables to reconnect with the clothes we are wearing. We believe it is essential to provide customer with the ability to be conscious about their clothing to go away from fast fashion. By shedding light on the creating process, we hope to bring awareness and curiosity about the fashion industry. That's why we are providing a QR code on our creations so that future owners can trace back to the fabric's previous life as well as upcycling process. Go to the creations tab to discover more. 

drawing of a plant
picture of the owner of the brand

About me

Upcycling has always been part of my life, where I used to have my dad's old clothes as principle fabric supply. Obviously too big for the 5 years old me, I had to get creative to make something fit. Years later, I was missing this creative activity in my life of master student in biology. Pushed by amazing people surrounding me but also by the obvious need to still foster a systematic change in the fashion industry to make it more sustainable, I decided to turn the project into a brand. A brand that will represent my world, influenced by nature and rock music.  

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