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drawing of parnassia palustris plant
Every creation is washed before being sold

Exact composition and sizes can't be established easily anymore. If you don't find information here, we are probably unable to provide it
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drawing of parnassia palustris plant

2023 & 2024

Bucket hat first serie

A bucket hat is to me a fun fashion accessory which also ends up being useful to protect from the sun. After my zebra kid bucket hat, I adjusted the pattern to fit an adult size. I chose one size that would fit most people, meaning that it can also be worn a bit oversize on a small head. I hope also to allow people with large hair mass to enjoy these bucket hats without problem. To prevent any flying hats when the weather is a bit windy, or to have an adventurous look, most of the hats have the option to attach side straps. Those can easily be put or removed with a button.


Zara + Lacoste Shorts

The Zara short is a kid short. It has a small stain on the bottom of one leg. The white Lacoste short also had some black stains on one of the leg. Right side 100% coton, linen unknown


Black dress and flowery pattern

The black dress had a broken zipper. The flower dress just has a bit of a heavy pattern to be worn as a dress but is perfect for a lining. The flower skirt is a bit out fashioned with a too simple cut. 100% coton


Men's shorts
These two shorts did not had any imperfections but were however left unsold at a second hand shop for a whole season. The scottish looking pattern inspired me to be used for a hat together with the burgundy short as lining. 100% coton

Jean's skirt and green dress 

The skirt was flawless but also stayed unsold for a season in a second hand shop. The dress had some stains that would not come off at the bottom. However most of the fabric was still usable and worked really well with the jeans. 100% coton

Palm trees short and green pants

The palm tree pattern from this kid short seemed perfect to me to turn it into a summer bucket hat. The lining is made from a dark green trousers. As the kid short didn't enable me to make all the right side, I used a bit of a green t-shirt as a replacement. This t-shirt had a small hole and was a bit stretch out to be worn.

Right side: probably mostly coton 

Lining: 66% coton, 32% polyester, 2% elastane


Yellow shirt and blue skirt

 This yellow shirt was probably never sold as it is a bit funky as it is. The colour is however really nice. The fabric made of unnatural fibers gives a very nice wave to the hat. The lining was made from a big blue skirt also a bit out-fashioned. Much more will come from this skirt as it has a lot of fabric to give! Lining 100% linen


Hawaii trousers

These trousers have an amazing pattern but were a bit worn out on the bottom and on the top of the elastic. Most of the fabric is however still usable and more hawaiian items will come. Lining 100% coton, right side unknown (most probably 100% coton)

Heinecken sweatshirt

This Heineken sweatshirt was given by a neighbour and in my opinion, it's pretty ugly. However, who doesn't like to have a comfy sweatshirt for the days where you don't know exactly what to wear? I thus decided to mainly cover the Heineken logo. For this, I used the second part of the small towel I trift and used for the Roxy dress. I then also resew the end of the sleeves as well as the bottom of the sweatshirt as they are part that get used the most. Finally, I added a bias tape around the hood to make it look more finished and cover the most worn out part of it. 


Kid zebra bucket hat

This zebra fabric was bought by my dad years ago to make a sofa. I like the idea of a fun pattern bucket hat to make an outfit a bit more eccentric. The pattern I used ended up being too small for an adult bucket hat but a kid would wearing it beautifully as well. More bucket hats with adjusted pattern to fit bigger size might come though :)  

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-09 at 14.50_edite

Roxy dress

This dress from the brand Roxy had a nice cut, but the palm tree illustration in the back did not suit my friend anymore. To continue to wear it, she asked me to cover it with a piece of fabric. I choose this beautiful pale yellow small towel I trift with white flowers pattern. 

Ersatz tote bags

Ersatz is a music and street arts festival taking place in the canton of Neuchâtel. I have the opportunity to collaborate with them and sew a couple of tote bags made of old fabrics or clothes I had in my collection. The green fabric is a old linnen skirt, the blue fabric was a cushion case, the yellow fabric was an old curtain, the light pink was an old bed sheet and the bright pink fabric was a piece I had for a while, which I also used in the Abercrombie jacket. All of the tote bag are unique and reversible. 


Abercrombie & Fitch Jacket

I got an old jacket, damaged at every edges, which thus required a lot of cutting. This set the new size that I thought for woman but to be worn oversize.

IMG_1364 (3).JPG
IMG_1350 (2).JPG

I reused some of the fabric including the end of the sleeves, the bottom of the jacket and part of the inside of the hood. I kept the unused parts for futur projects which will be updated here as well. The pink stripe come from a piece of pink fabric I found in my fabric collection I build over years.  

Roxy dress
zebra kid bucket hat
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